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In 2017 we said RIP TITP and welcomed a wonderful new Scottish festival - TRNSMT, now Scotland’s biggest music festival. With a couple of weeks until it opened its doors for the very first time, the organisers got in touch with us to create a fun and engaging video to raise awareness of the event and, ultimately, sell the remaining tickets. We could use bands, venues, whatever we wanted was really at our disposal to create something great and relevant for the Glasgow Green crowd; stir up the emotions of the beauty of watching live music in a festival arena with close friends and like-minded folks in a typical West of Scotland summer weekend. So aye, remember ‘Clyde’ - the 2014 Commonwealth Games mascot? We got him.

We shot a short biopic about Clyde’s life since the Games wound down 3 years prior, showing that he’d been out of work and was desperate for another big event to hit Glasgow. Luck was on the big thistle’s side - Jamie from The Lafontaines gave him a call and asked him to join their crew as a guitar tech in the lead up to TRNSMT. “Ye cannae keep a good thistle down”.




In the Studio’s formative years we did a lot of work in the music industry, so we loved diving into this brief and delivering the best we could. We continued to work with TRNSMT again for 2018’s spectacle as well, organising and Facebook Live’ing a sign-painting of the line-up for the King Tut’s Stage!