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We’ve had the total pleasure of working with some awesome clients over the years, have a peruse and see what we’ve been able to achieve with some amazing brands.

What we did

18-24 year olds are our market, when did you last advertise to them? 10 years ago!? That’s mad! That was the place we were in when we started working with Tennent’s Lager, they were Scotland’s lager of choice and had been for a long time, they were known as being ‘from here, for here’ and had always been synonymous with capturing Scotalnd’s humour in their advertising. The problem was they hadn’t done all that much advertising so the younger audience was in danger of being lost. We were tasked with making that audience aware of Tennent’s again and reminding them that the red T knows them. We did that by creating an 18 month campaign of 50 animated sketches about everyday Scottish life that spanned cinema, TV, Digital, Social and OOH.

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