Summer of Football – Tennent’s Lager

Summer of Football

01. Working with Tennent’s (the original supporter of the Scottish National Team to hype the nation up in big format and reactive out of home posters.
02. Working with Tennent’s, and creating a 90 second online film that was edited for TV, played in and around the games.
Tennent’s Lager’s ask of Studio Something was two-fold; firstly to create a film that communicated that the people of Scotland and the team were Made For This, as well as creating buzz and excitement in the lead-up and during the games, before the fear and realisation set in. Secondly, we were to develop big format, high impact OOH sites as well as reactive posters that could be updated in almost real-time.

5 Million Reasons

There’s five million people that the summer mattered to. Five Million threads make up the badge that the eleven players wore on game day. 

A heartfelt, humorous and honest portrayal of what it means to be Scottish this summer, what it means to be a football fan, what it means to not help but feel yourself get swept up in it, what it means to have a cold crisp can of lager on a warm summer’s day after a long year.

This film takes the geography of Scotland and displays the tapestry of contemporary Scottish culture that shows us in all our glory.

There are five million of us on this bit of land, we are all different but this summer we were unified.

The film was played out on national TV in and around the games and highlights and was met with resounding praise.

The Big Formats

Glasgow…Edinburgh…London, we were there! 


In Glasgow and Edinburgh we wanted to keep it simple, bring a smile and raise Tennent’s brand prominence. The ingredients of lager are three simple ingredients; Water, Hops and Barley. What if there was a fourth? What is that feeling of the nation in the lead up to the tournament, the feeling of covid disappearing and normal times resuming… Hope.

McGinn Tae Them

The game against England was at Wembley, in London, so Tennent’s had to have a presence there. We owed it to the thousands of fans that couldn’t travel…and those that could. We were behind enemy lines, and with that we had to go rogue. We projected our message in the days leading up to the game on famous London landmarks, something that was unmistakably Tennents, something that would rouse passion, get the fans ready for battle and kind of wind up the opponent…

All About Reactions in This Game.

Every brand has done reactive digital, whether that is reacting to the weather, something that happens in sport or the news, but what we did was take the reactive approach to the old-school billboards. We worked with Tennent’s on scenario planning, what could happen and getting posters live as soon as we could. The result… posters that were a running commentary of Scotland progression. Bringing a smile to the public, and noising some people up in the process.

We Came Home Too Soon

As with all Scotland’s ventures into international tournaments, it ended abruptly, though while we were there we made a big splash.