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We were approached by Scottish mental health awareness charity See Me to come up with a campaign to help stop stigma and discrimination against mental health issues in the workplace.


We wanted to make the piece something a bit different to the usual mental health communication. We found that most charities focused on what not to say and how not to act, but we thought about it the other way round – what is the one thing you can ask to try and help people struggling with their mental health.




So, we took it to the base level of ‘okay’. Everyone has mental health – so just looking out for everyone in the workplace (or anywhere) and genuinely asking how people are actually was quite a powerful thought. We wanted to speak in the tone of voice everyone uses and that included using the stigmatising language in the poem too.

Ian used his experiences with his family and friends to write a poem that came from a fairly honest and personal perspective and this seemed to resonate with people, as it appeared on the front page of Reddit gaining 200k views in one day. A massive discussion about mental health continued, which is what we wanted the film to do.