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Following the success of ‘The Power of Okay’ See Me approached us to come up with a campaign for a younger audience to let them it’s okay to feel certain a way and mental health is something to talk about. For this we teamed up with the incredibly talented Dan Castro to create a short animation aimed at talking to a younger audience.


We called the campaign ‘It’s Okay To’.


First and foremost we wanted to tell young people that it’s okay to not feel okay. It’s part of being you and that’s okay! The animation route allowed us to talk about something that could be scary and daunting for a young adult to experience without making it mundane. The clean version of the video has been viewed over 96k times on youtube and coupled with the original that figure is over 100k.


We also helped to make a bespoke site for See Me where young people could finish the sentence ‘It’s okay to…’ in any way they felt fit. It’s okay sad, it’s okay worried, it’s okay to...whatever they felt it was okay to feel! The engagement on the site was great and hundreds of people shared their opinions on what it was okay to feel!


“See Me has worked with Studio Something on 4 campaigns to date and I believe that together we have produced some of the most exciting, challenging and effective mental health campaigns ever seen in the UK.

The team at Studio Something are without a doubt the most creative bunch of guys that I have ever worked with. We have an honest, open relationship which allows us to challenge each other making sure the end results hit the mark.

They always push the boundaries of traditional mental health campaigning and I love working with such a passionate team who are genuinely committed to our cause.

This shines through all their work.”

— Lisa Cohen, National Programme Manager, See Me Scotland