Scary Adult Things | Series One

Am I doing life right?

Broadcaster - BBC Scotland
Series Director - Duncan Cowles
Series Producer - Andy Maas
Executive Producer - Ian Greenhill and Jordan Laird
Broadcast - 2021

Filmmaker Duncan Cowles hurtles into his 30’s, still living at home with his parents, he looks around at his peers and attempts to answer the question most millennials wrestle with, ‘am I doing this right?’

Ever wondered if you’re ‘doing life right?’ Look around and wonder if you should be fitter, richer, less drunk, more insta-famous? Should you have a house? A side hustle? Should you be happier?


You aren’t the only one. Scary Adult Things is a brand new show for BBC by award-winning documentary maker Duncan Cowles in which he throws himself two-footed into the challenges of growing up and becoming an adult.


Duncan just turned 30 years old, still living with his parents in the suburbs on the outskirts of Edinburgh. Born from his own insecurities and backed up by real-life actual statistics, each episode touches on a different issue that affects both Duncan and other young people today. Duncan documents his daily struggles as a millennial and tries to find answers, solutions, and coping mechanisms by speaking to others who could maybe shine a light on how they make this whole life thing work?


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