Recommending The Recommenders


Thanks to their loyal fans, our friends at Innis & Gunn were awarded an accolade in 2020. An accolade worth celebrating. Staying true to the Innis & Gunn brand, and its magnanimous tone, we wanted to celebrate this by placing the fans, those that had supported and helped gain this accolade, at the very heart of an international campaign. To publicly thank them for voting Innis & Gunn the UK's Most Recommended Beer Brand.


This wasn’t to be any brand campaign however. This was to be Innis & Gunn’s first national, dual product, brand campaign.

And, it wasn’t even a typical brand campaign. Emma Lally, creative extraordinaire, challenged the Innis & Gunn team (and the team here at Studio Something as it turns out) to not just talk the talk by  simply buying some billboards and saying a big public thank you. That’s too easy right? But to actually hero our voters in our campaign. Spreading a little bit of the  joy we felt back to them, makIng big (and smal) dreams come true, as we went.

In short, by Recommending Our Recommenders right back.


All well and good, but we had to find them first. Luckily Innis and Gunn have a great relationship with their close loyal drinkers. But, we needed to find more, we needed to find as many as we could and thank them personally for recommending us.

But how? By a recruitment campaign, by asking our recommenders to reveal themselves.


Like all good recruitment drives, we wanted to cover as many bases as possible, to ensure we connected with as many of our fans as possible.  So, we built a microsite, we made digital ads, social ads.

For extra punch, we also made  a recruitment film and shot a series of digital billboards, asking them and their friends to proudly step forward, declaring publicly their love for Innis & Gunn, along with telling us what we should recommend them back for. In return, they could be on a billboard, they could feature in a series of social and digital pieces that would shout about why they’re so great that they deserve a public recommendation, just like they did for us.

And find them we did. We had a huge response from our fanbase. We had wizards in the kitchen, we had dancefloor demons, we had singles just waiting to be the best partner ever, we had self declared Brand Ambassadors expertly spreading the Innis & Gunn word wherever they went, we had brave pilgrims, travelling hundreds of miles alone for their beloved beer, to name but a very small few. 

As promised, we recommended them back,  and also gave them a whole bunch of their favourite tipple too.

Some really stood out to us, we have some very talented fans.

We had a fashion designer, Gillian,  who had been down on her luck since losing her job. And a musician, Mark,  who had kept his friends entertained in lockdown. 

For these, we went that extra mile. 

We hope we helped give them the experience of a lifetime, or at the very least, one they will never forget…

There’s more, we collaborated with the Iconic Piccadilly Records in Manchester, to bring their recommended music to our fans, with in store giveaways and collaborative playlists.


The results speak for themselves. 

In Manchester, one of our key objective cities, awareness has doubled, premium perception of the brand has grown, along with curiosity to try.

Top of mind awareness has increased across the whole of Scotland, as has prompted awareness, specifically in Glasgow, another key city.

We delivered 60 million impacts across DOOH, digital and social channels.

We have seen early indications of increased sale, Original at +3%-5% across the campaign period, and Lager +31-40%.

Finally, it has delivered the highest ever advertising impact of an Innis & Gunn campaign to date, with those who have seen the campaign much more likely to buy than those that haven’t.

We’ll cheers to that.