GIFS, the gift that keeps on giving.

If you could describe your project in one GIF what would it be? Go on have fun. Stick in the word, pick ya gif, move on.



Nine something's to work by


Trying is half the battle.

Sure, sometimes things you try don’t work; especially when you are trying to do something new. Problems need new solutions. Experience beats ideas until new ideas work hard


You’ll never get lost with a tongue in your head.

If you don’t know something, ask. There’s nothing worse than pretending to know something you don’t. And if we don’t know how to do something we will find someone who does.


Life can be a dance, not a marathon;

it can be as fun as you want to make it. We like to think we are salsa dancers rather than marathon runners. Both are fit in different ways.


Be a pink radiator

not a blue one. Our old boss taught us this - you can either choose to be a positive force and energise a room or be negative and suck energy out a room. We are optimistic pragmatists, not never-say-yes negatrons.


Don’t be scared

to be laughed out of the room. When we presented sending a teacake to space, creating a human fruit machine or a tune called The Poo Song we were fully prepared to be laughed out of the room. And that’s a good thing.


Be less rude

This one is a basic life lesson but really it shows that we respect each other and those we work with. We are only on this planet for a short while so just be sound to folk while you are alive because you can’t be when you’re dead.


Don’t be Jason and the Jargonnauts

Sometimes the industry has phrases and that’s fine - but plain speak is better than waffle. Explain your point in a way a taxi driver would understand. DOES YOUR MUM GET IT?


Ask ‘why?’ less and ‘why not?’ more

We want to empower people and help make things they genuinely like. Sure we have to ask why - but we find that asking ‘why not’ is more fun and can lead to better things...


Openness = happiness.

We like to be transparent with each other and with our clients, opting for conversations over soapboxes. The world is full of old libraries with closed books, let’s not make ourselves another one.

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