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We’ve had the total pleasure of working with some awesome clients over the years, have a peruse and see what we’ve been able to achieve with some amazing brands.

What we did

Middle of the road? Not our words, the words of the great British public. Island Records approached us to help them. One of their artists James Morrison, had been gone from the public eye for nearly four years, a really long gap year. While you and I mere mortals would only have our mortgage to worry about, James, the once ubiquitous crooner who at one point had every radio station playlist hostage, now had a bigger worry - insignificance. To combat the krypotine of fame we were tasked with showing that James was in fact a pretty sound guy and didn’t take himself too serious. So that’s what we did, we made a mockumentary poking fun at his quest to return to past glories. He then got a Top 10 album and for that we take full credit.

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