After a few brain-sesh meetings among ourselves and our client Innis & Gunn, one of the fastest growing global craft beer companies, we came to the conclusion that Edinburgh is pretty shit in the month of November. Any remnants of summer have disappeared completely, it’s got the classic winter weather (rain… so much rain)  but it isn’t close enough to get hyped about Christmas just yet. So we hatched a plan to bring some sunshine to the city - both liquid and ‘real’. We activated a Capital-wide poster campaign highlighting the dreech conditions and offering help in the form of a tasty Lager Beer, as well as giving some lucky patrons some free bevvy. This culminated in the swift build of Innis & Gunn’s very own pop-up Sunshine Bar. Located at Food N Flea Market down at Waverley, the glowing yellow bar was kitted out with SAD lamps to provide drinkers with some much needed Vitamin D, and, of course, all the pints were free of charge. Spaces filled up in no time, and those lucky enough to get down there were also treated to some positive messaging in the form of take-off-the-wall cards - ‘Smile at people. But don’t be weird’, ‘High five a stranger’ and ‘Give Dave a hug’  were among the cheery calls.






Within the poster campaign we also readied some reactive digital bad boys, finger ready over the big ‘ACTIVATE’ button (such a button may not exist, don’t quote us on that). One such example was - on the off chance of a nice sunny day - a poster exclaiming ‘Unexpected Sunshine On Leith’ glaring down Leith Walk. The sun arrived, and so the possibly non-existent button was pushed. Feedback from locals was almost entirely positive, apart from one man. Ruari. Poor Ruari. The digital poster was shining so bright it was turning his living room green during the night. We responded on Twitter dot com apologising and suggested changing the copy to ‘Unexpected Sunshine In Ruari’s Room’, and then we thought “actually why don’t we literally do that?” So we did it, obvs. Within the hour, the poster was amended and we visited Ruari with some free lager and a pair of Innis & Gunn branded sunglasses for his troubles. He was a tremendous sport and even posed for a wee picture next to his personalised poster. The story was picked up by national press and we’d made our reactive posters become reactive to those reacting to them. Meta marketing, huh?