1000 glasses gone in 34 minutes.

Other than their fantastic beer, Innis & Gunn are also famous for their glassware. Their pints look like some mad maori tattoo thing and the beer drinkers of Edinburgh love it! So much so that this particular glass is often a mainstay of kitchen cupboards, having been nicked from so many bars Scotland-wide. Innis & Gunn came to us looking for a we bit of marketing around the pint glass, so we targeted the ‘millennial Facebook generation’ with a Live video inviting the people of our fine Capital to come along and ‘borrow’ as many glasses as they wanted - streaming all the while. Stationed in the Grassmarket, we left a van with its doors wide open, full to the brim with the arty pints and watched as 1000 were ‘borrowed’ in 34 minutes. 500,00 people viewed the stunt and the lucky few that managed to get their hands on the goods were also rewarded with a free pint refill at The Beer Kitchen on Lothian Road.