If You Know You Know – Innis & Gunn Lager

If you know, you know

A new year brought on a new opportunity to work with one of our favourite independent Scottish beer brands, developing a fully-fledged integrated campaign that heroed that great-looking beer we all know and love (‘sexy pint’ was thrown around quite a few times). When coming up with the concept we realised that whether people know Innis & Gunn Lager from its big green billboards, its swirly glasses, its activations, or its taste, in Scotland, this is a brand that is recognised. This is why, for Summer ‘21 we let the Lager speak for itself, leaning into those who love Lager, using intrigue and humour to capture the rest. If you know Innis & Gunn Lager, you know how good it is. And if you don’t, you’ll want to find out.

People love the Innis & Gunn Lager pint glass. And they love what’s in it.

If we wanted to hero the beer in a premium way, we needed to do it properly. So we took some pint glasses on an all-expenses paid trip to London 📸 

We wanted to elevate the perfect packshots we captured in a digitally rendered world in the past to imagery that is just as slick but anchored in reality. Inspired by the sets of beauty and cosmetic ads, we looked to create simple, yet luxurious set-ups that elevate our beer and nod to product cues mentioned in our ad copy.

Say hello to creative advertising and lifestyle photographer Holly Pickering! 👋

Together with her, we brought the green digital Lager world our audience was so used to into the real world. And we made it, you guessed it, sexy.

Close-ups, spritz, frost, light, and shadow, we kept it simple, but beautiful, and the beer was the star. 

(NOTE TO SELF: ‘keeping it simple’ is never simple, if we are to look at this 2-day shoot in which many droplet formations were tested out, WORTH IT THOUGH 🤤).

Make it fun

While the idea behind the If you know, you know creative platform was to build intrigue and premiumise Lager, rewarding our loyal fans in the process, we still wanted to keep the inclusive and fun personality people have grown to love about Innis & Gunn over the years.

By contrasting the high-end photography with I & G’s signature witty lines, we elevated Lager while keeping it rooted in what it is known for (its tone of voice) – it’s what will set us apart from the sea of beer ads that pair their visuals with boring, straight lines.

We let people guess, we nodded to inside jokes, we let them make their own minds up and we made them feel special for being in the know.  We rewarded those who already know and enticed those who don’t.

Make it interesting

The beauty If you know, you know wasn’t just in what we showed and what we said, but in where we were.  This is why we thought about putting ads in original places that only the switched on will find, rewarding their curiosity.

Simply finding an ad somewhere unexpected puts you in the know

We placed unique, one-off ads in unique, one-off places and ways.

Make it collaborative

As we mentioned in the beginning, this was a fully integrated campaign. It stretched across social media, experiential, and PR which meant we worked with a number of partner agencies to deliver the best experience across the board (we play well with others 🧑‍🤝‍🧑).

There was a Secret Beer Garden that rewarded those who knew with a pint, an installation that rewarded people for being curious, and even a dedicated phone number. 

An inclusive campaign that celebrated those ‘in the know’ and encouraged everyone else to join,  If you know, you know had +15.3M OOH impressions, +1.5M digital display impressions, 3M social impressions, 56 PR pieces of coverage, all working together and increasing brand awareness of Innis and Gunn Lager from 77% to 86%.


TL;DR: Studio Something + Innis & Gunn Lager + Summer = ❤️