Welcome to Glasgow Science!


Science is cool as heck, so we were buzzing when Glasgow Science Centre - one of Scotland's most popular visitor attractions -  gave us a brief to make STEM subjects more interesting for kids, and speak to millennial parents in the aim of convincing them that GSC is the place to be. Seeing as the internet says we’re ‘millennials’ (and we’re also basically just big kids), this was right up our street. Our plan was simple - dissect the clients’ name ‘Glasgow’ ‘Science’, and invent all kinds of experiments with a Glaswegian twist. Cooking a tattie scone using science? Yup. Drop a big glass bottle of ginger wrapped in mad gel stuff off a big tower? Completed it, mate. But our most daring idea was the one that grabbed the nation - and the world’s - attention. Long story short, we floated a Teacake into space. SCIENCE. Using the wonderfully named, we readied ‘Terry the Teacake’ for his mission into the stratosphere. Launching from Houston (Renfrewshire), we filmed his entire journey on Facebook Live and were joined by 150,000 science lovers/interested spectators/flat-earthers all the way. Reaching an amazing 37,007 metres before parachuting back down to earth, Terry had captured the imagination of 1000s of people worldwide, and before he even touched down in a forest in Dumfries & Galloway had made it onto the news in China, Russia, Australia and the USA. Schools across Scotland tuned in, using it as a fun way to teach students about various linked subjects and parents were getting in touch exclaiming their personal interest, let alone that of their children. Mission accomplished! But our personal mission was complete in the space of one simple tweet. Professor Brian Cox, the soundest guy in science, mentioned the teacake to his huge following as a way of debunking flat-earth theorists. Terry the Teacake sparked so many conversations, positive and negative, surrounding science - but also just put a smile on the face of so many people all over the world. We are super proud of this work, and are so happy to have helped such an awesome client in Glasgow Science Centre get closer to their goals of educating children and parents across Scotland in the wonderful world of STEM.