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The Daily Record is one of Scotland’s strongest news brands. It has documented news for over 120 years, and is part of the fabric of everyday Scottish life. As well as their print brand, DailyRecord.co.uk now leads the digital news revolution. It’s no longer just the tabloids the Daily Record now competes with, it is content providers such as Facebook and the BBC who all do news 24/7. To stay relevant and grow its audience in this ever changing sector the Daily Record needs to have a strong tone of voice and a distinctive point of difference from the plethora of news providers in Scotland.


The Daily Record approached Studio Something to create a campaign focusing on the paper’s football coverage.


The paper wanted to be seen as the main place for all the best info and news about Scottish football. Their main rival The Scottish Sun could also claim that, so they needed to make sure the campaign gave them something wholly ownable. Any execution had to lead to uptake of both the newspaper and their website.

It had to work for a broad age-range with the target audience of the Daily Record sport sections generally being in the 20-80 year old range.


‘The ‘Ode To a Diehard’ ad perfectly captures the passion and dedication of football fans across the country.’
— Andrew Sinclair, Head of Partnerships at the SPFL


We had to have a completely honest tone of voice when talking about Scottish football.


Filled with warts-and-all insights and things that Scottish football could truly own. This would be the most convincing way to show that The Daily Record ‘get it’ and help challenge the preconceptions held about the brand.


We chose to look at the fans who are most likely to embody the essence of what makes Scottish Football great - we chose to focus on the diehards of Scottish football. These are the people that love Scottish football no matter what, but importantly it’s something that all football fans like to think they are. Nobody likes to think they are a fairweather fan.


Positioning the Daily Record as one of these diehards - Scotland’s biggest fan -  would help them build trust within the Scottish football community as well as dispelling previous misconceptions about the brand. We wanted to somehow show that the Daily Record was the media embodiment of the guy with his club’s badge tattooed on his chest and a first born named after an obscure star striker from the 80s.