How we dumped a billion people


Our Wellpark campaign for Tennent’s Lager was based in a fictional town that allowed us to be reactive and flexible; letting us piggy-back on trending topics and things in the zeitgeist. That led us to creative a fake tech company to make fun of the tech industry - Peach Digital. 


We came up with parodies of the Apple Watch called the Aye Watch - a Scottish version that could only say ‘Aye’. But the Peach Digital spoofs really exploded when we invented Binder. Binder was the opposite of Tinder - so instead of finding the perfect one, you could dump the not-so-perfect one.



And Binder exploded - it got so much coverage that the PR agency estimated that the OTS (opportunity to see) was over 1 billion. It appeared on sites such as The New Yorker,  Washington Post, Mashable, Fox News, Cosmopolitan, GQ, Elle, BBC Radio 1.


In a couple of weeks it had over 36,000 downloads and entered the iTunes lifestyle chart - which is notoriously hard to crack.