BBC World Cup 2022 Titles

Representing Scotland at the 2022 World Cup

While Scotland’s efforts on the football pitch didn’t grab us a spot at this year’s tournament, their (read: our) efforts on a creative pitch scored the opportunity to create the opening title sequence for the BBC’s World Cup coverage. GOOOOOAAAAL!

A tournament like no other

This is the most divisive tournament of all time, but we wanted to celebrate the things that make the World Cup class. The reasons wee boys and girls all over the country plot out the routes to the finals and collect stickers of their heroes.

The Rhythm of The World Cup

The fancy footwork, the celebratory dances, the patterns on the pitch – there’s an undeniable rhythm to football. Leaning into the modern culture of remixing, reattributing and resharing, we wanted to weave together and loop iconic audio and visual memories from World Cup history to create a modern dance relevant today. A sensory kaleidoscope of footballers throwing shapes to a soundtrack of boots, balls, whistles, and cheers, building anticipation pre-game.

Squad announcement

To create this sensory kaleidoscope, key signings were required. We recruited Andrei Staruiala as lead animator and Callum Rankine as composer. Together they would help us isolate key World Cup moments, then build and layer them to create a rich new tapestry. 

Two tickets to the archives please

The BBC has access to some of the most exciting and passionate football footage in the world. Iconic moments that give you goose pimples. Tense moments forcing you to the edge of your seat. Comical moments that bring a daft smile. Moments we were going to compile, cut out, and use to create something new. We were granted the library link-up, and started compiling our wishlist (one of many beautifully colour-coded, vividly annotated Google Sheets… Thank you, Lewis).

Game management

Like kids in a sweetshop, we lined up everything we liked the look of in the archives. But our eyes were bigger than our run time. Our initial long shortlist clocked in at 25 minutes. With 43 seconds to play with and the best of 32 teams to feature, it was time to pick favourites. We revisited our footage, looking at it through an exclusively ‘rhythmic’ lens, and trimmed the fat. If a clip wasn’t pacemaking, beat building, or a boogie wonderland, it didn’t make the cut, save for a few emotional moments. We wouldn’t be telling the story of the World Cup if there wasn’t some sorrow in with the success and celebration. A timeline narrative was created, and clips were plotted against it. We had our squad and strategy, now to make them dance.  



All footage we planned to use needed to be rotoscoped, a time-consuming and detailed process, so while a crack team of ‘Rotoboiz’ made their way through our team list, we worked on proxy designs with rough cutouts. Treating each clip as a shape, we built patterns on screen and made our own story.

A world of colour and pattern

The bold, celebratory nature of the concept and content called for a vibrant visual treatment. Colours that popped on screen and exaggerated the moments you were seeing. Our palette had to work with the BBCs, complimenting their colours and passing accessibility tests -, nobody wants to be blinding Barry in Bridlington. 

Final flourishes

We enlisted frame-by-frame animator Veronyka Jelinek to flourish our final sequence. Playing into the scrapbook style of our treatment, her hand-drawn elements add a playful personality -, exaggerating collisions, emphasising speed, and illustrating sound.

All important stretches

Our rhythmic world will live beyond the BBC World Cup titles. We have worked closely with the BBC’s studio graphics team to develop and roll out the treatment for on-screen graphics for all BBC World Cup programming, extending to Match of the Day World Cup roundups.

An extended edit of the track ‘Now they call that a tango’ composed by Callum Rankine has also been released and we’re working with the BBC’s internal social teams to amplify the work further with interactive elements throughout the tournament.


The sequence will be played ahead of each game hosted on the BBC, with an anticipated audience of 44 million.

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