There’s only one way to barrel age beer, right? Right?! WRONG. Innis & Gunn are one of the most innovative craft beer companies on the planet, and last year they created a process to barrel age their beers in a brand new and unique way. We were charged with helping tell the story of how it came about and what the new process is. We decided a short film would do the trick and set plans in motion to see the what the barrel got up to from start to finish. We filmed their creation at Speyside, their use at the Innis & Gunn brewery, and their breaking down in Arobois, France. We worked closely with Innis & Gunn founder Dougal Gunn Sharp to create something clear & concise - something that showcases this groundbreaking new technique that allows Scotland’s favourite craft brewer to produce hunners of amazing beer with a consistent flavour and quality.




We captured some candid style images of Innis & Gunn's partner in Arobois, France. It was a fantastic opportunity to see some talented people at work in a stunning location!