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For plant-based meal delivery service allplants, January aka 'Veganuary' is a key month to push acquisition.
The new year brings with it an influx of age-old messaging - if it's not self-betterment, it's self-control. And with wellness now being a year-round trend, the ‘new year, new me’ trope is tired. We’re all just trying to do our best all the time, so back off with the pressure yeah? January is tough enough.

Everyone’s talking at me, I don’t hear a word they’re saying.

But for plant-based meal delivery service allplants, January aka Veganuary is a key month to push acquisition. Turning away from the conversation isn’t really an option. With lots of noise coming from big industry players with even bigger budgets, they needed to cut through the clutter with their own spin on resolutions and giving Veganuary a go. Armed with a TV ad launching on Boxing Day, and a relatable brand platform, they came to us looking to amplify their message through the line.

As a brand they’re not looking for a handful of perfect vegans, they’re looking for millions of people trying imperfectly – a behaviour summed up perfectly in their brand line ‘We’re all plants. You don’t have to be’. This welcoming, non-judgemental approach is a breath of fresh air in a world where veganism is stereotypically all or nothing. Resolutions have a similar hell-to-leather energy, why are they so extreme? They set us up for failure as we push ourselves to do the unrealistic and unachievable. Which got us thinking, is failure such a bad thing?

While January is all about setting intentions and new habit-forming, the reality is 80% of people fail to keep their resolutions. So who is speaking to these people? It’s all ‘new year, new you’ but what if we could own ‘new year, same you, trying your best’?. Most people aren’t getting it right from the get-go, and that’s exactly why allplants exist, to make it easier for people giving it a go – so let’s own failure, afterall, it’s a marker of trying.

22 for 2022

To set up the idea of embracing failure, we first had to set up our role in resolutions and sound out how people were feeling going into 2022 – after the past 2 years we’ve all just endured, were resolutions still going to be a thing? We recruited 22 people to tell us all about their plans for 2022. Dietary approach didn’t matter – we were looking for flexitarians, meat-eaters, pescatarians, vegans, vague-ans – a cross-section of people that represented the unique, weird, and wonderful relationships we have with food. We asked them about their feelings towards resolutions and whether they had any for 2022, thoughts on cutting down on meat and dairy, failure, weaknesses, and how habits are best formed. Each of these topics would then become conversation starters to pepper on socials throughout January – a supportive, relatable mix of content to get people thinking about their meat and dairy consumption.

Break your resolution day.

Sticking to anything you resolve to in January, is a major triumph- you’re trying to change behaviour in the coldest, darkest, hardest month of the year. We understand the difficulty, so empathise if come mid-month, you’re tempted by the call of a cold sausage roll. So on January 17th, AKA ‘break your resolutions day’ we wanted to be there at a time when cravings were statistically most likely to become cavings. So we invited people to share their wobbles, in return for the chance to win a year of free allplants.

Smashed it.

Brightening up the doom and gloom of January, we installed a bright yellow resolution box at Vinegar Yard, round the corner from The Shard, and invited winners to break our box before breaking their resolutions (though no judgement here if they already had) – little by little ey. Those that didn’t win still had the chance to trial the product at a reduced price, thanks to our interactive, tearaway poster site. 7 winners won a year’s worth of product, and a few hundred people pocketed a plant-based starter pack.

Data processing.

The campaign is still live, so we’ve got no whizz-bang stats to share with you just now, but check back in the not-so-far future, and we’ll deliver the data.