Make ideas people genuinely like!



We are a lean, progressive, passionate creative business that thrives on partnerships and collaboration. We work with brands with vision; brands that are powered by like-minded people who aren’t afraid to challenge and do things differently to get noticed. We have an entrepreneurial spirit and believe in making a difference. That’s why we also create brands, products and (some) things. We are thinkers, but we are also doers.




We are a group of people that found that the traditional agency model didn’t work for us. That’s why we built a company with a more flexible and agile approach which gives us the freedom to work closely with our clients as well as experiment with our own products and ideas. All of this comes from an in-built passion and desire to make things, play with the world around us and have fun in whatever we do. Because if we don’t enjoy what we make - why would anyone else?




...and here's the team.



Ian Greenhill

Creative Director

Jack of all trades, master of all trades! Once

referred to as ‘Iggy’, now just regular Ian, he specialises in creative ideation, strategy, writing, production and much more - including getting money for our ideas (very important for a business). He’s one half of the duo that started it all at Studio Something, and he bloody loves sad indie music, Scandi furniture, food and football. He also takes a keen interest in mental health work, as well as getting people from other backgrounds into creative industries. You can chuck words at him on Twitter dot com - he hangs around on there as @ohjawbone.


Jordan Laird

Creative Director

You may know him as Joseph Danger! Jordan is our awesome Creative D and he has some mad skillz, including (but not limited to) writing, directing, idea generation, creative feedback and, of course, GIFs. If you follow his @josephdanger handle on Insta and @josephdanger on Twitter then you’ll know how passionate he is with his running, health and football, but before all else he is a family guy, and doting da to Sonny and Goldie! He also loves Empire Biscuits, obv.


Emma Lally

Senior Creative

Lally. Lalls. EMMALALLY. Lallers. Call her as you please, Emma (we’re going with Emma) is our Senior Creative! Her vast experience has seen her hone her skills in ideation, art direction, design, strategy and avoiding phone calls. A peak behind the professional curtain tells you that Lally (we’re going with Lally) is very much into a brightly coloured sock, family bags of tortilla chips, over-privileged indie bands and long romantic walks to the fridge. You want her internet handles? You can have them - @emmalally on Twitter, or add an 'm' to find her on Instagram @emmmalally.


Heather Campbell

Account Producer

The newest member of the gang, Heather is our shiny new Account Producer! The self-proclaimed Organisation Queen loves her work in Digital and social media strategy, content creative and creation, youth engagement (she used to work at Radio 1 *clang*), logistics and planning (you should see her spreadsheets!). A seemingly endless list of interests includes cats (namely her very own one, Kelly), music, gigs, running, plants and if there’s any time left in the day - TV like Rick and Morty and Bob’s Burgers. She exists on the internet as @heatherdavina!


Ken Clark

Art Director

If you’ve ever emailed our multi-disciplined designer you will know him as Kenji Rakatoma, the name Ian gave him some years ago for some reason. Our definitely-not-Japanese visual guru is a dab hand with Illustrator, Figma, Sketch, InDesign, Photoshop and a smattering of After Effects and Premiere Pro for good measure. He’s also a photographer, editor AND game maker! (Leave some skills for the rest of us please, Ken). Outside the workplace our boy is into 80s synth music, Prince, video games, the gym, walking and Stanley (that’s his dog, not the small knife). He can be found at @kennyratchet on Twitter and @kenjirakatoma on Instagram!


Robert Borthwick

Community Manager

‘Twitter’s Robert Borthwick’ is our social media fella, hence the full title attributed to him at the start of this bio. He’s all about that copywriting, idea development, client management, social channel growth and tone of voice, while also having a good knowledge of the podcast world having started his own and continuing to feature on another. He’s a Scottish football fanatic who loves his indie music, Scandi-noir TV dramas, FULMS and travelling around Europe. You will find him on Twitter pretty much 24 hours a day at @RFBorthwick, and also on Insta-G if you search for @robertborthwick!


Ruxandra Dragan

Junior Creative

Following a fantastic 10-week placement earlier this year, Rux has now joined us full-time as a Junior Creative! Aside from having a really cool name, Rux is also very strong with her creative concepts, Photoshop, InDesign, copywriting and singing out of tune. If you follow her on Instagram (@mazlina_d) you will see that she has a big interest in mountain biking, dogs, mountain biking dogs and Neil Breen movies! You can also tweet her on Twitter - she is @RuxandraDragan on there.


Andy Maas


When he’s not pursuing his dream of starting a little thing called ‘Instascran’, Andy is our producer extraordinaire! He has produced adverts, TV, film, documentaries, audio visual content AND online, while also specialising in creative development, portrait documentary directing, client management, budget handling and so much more. When he takes his producer hat off and unwinds, Andy loves travelling the world, shopping on ASOS, music, all booze (except gin) and watching films. He is known as @vanderperm1 on Instagram, give him a follow and see what he’s upto! #landscapedaddy