A View From The Terrace//Series Two


Broadcaster - BBC Scotland
Series Director - Jordan Laird
Series Producer - Andy Maas
Executive Producer - Ian Greenhill
Episodes - 18x58 mins

It means everything, it means nothing and it’s time for the big second season.


A View From The Terrace - Series Two

A View From The Terrace returned for a second commission for Scottish football’s season 2019/20, returning with two blocks of 10 episodes. At the Broadcast Awards, the show was highly commended in the ‘Best UK Sports Show’ category, Punching well above its weight (and budget).

But, you’re only as good as your last game (series). It was no longer the ‘new shiny signing’, it was time to dig in for a second season and prove it was deserving of a regular place in the BBC line up.

In the studio, same presenters, but a bit more of a late-night feel to the set. As well as a bit more of everything. More daft props, more segments, More confidence.

With confidence, came trust. The show started to become part of the Scottish football landscape and with that it became a trusted place for current league players to come on to the couch, giving candid interviews. From tears about cup wins to a player coming on to accept the Player of the Month award and admitting it’s a bit embarrassing going back to training after winning one. The show offered the audience a refreshing and unique way to see their heroes.

Outside of the studio, the features grew bigger in scope, ambition and talent. From Iceland to Hawick, it was films about ambition, failure and brutally contested derbies that most people hadn’t heard of. There were films about the man who ‘collected’ football fixtures to the group of elite women who had won 13 league titles in a row,
Working with a growing roster of young Scottish filmmakers and creatives, including the BAFTA Scotland winners Hannah Currie, Duncan Cowles, Jonny Blair, Niamh McKeown & Chris McQueer.

It was football, in Scotland, and it doesn’t exist in a vacuum.